Realme is launching a bunch of smart products on April 30 with portable speakers

Realme is already hugely popular among consumers for its eye-catching smartphones. Not only that, in addition to smartphones, Realm is now working hard to expand its lineup of smart products. And so the company is about to launch its first portable speaker at an upcoming event, which will come to market under the name Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker.

Realme is launching a bunch of smart products on April 30 with portable speakers

Realme's upcoming launch event will be held on April 30 in Malaysia. A bunch of new products is about to debut at this event. The company has already announced which new products they are going to launch at this event. The list includes Realme Watch S Master Edition, Realme Watch 2, Realme Buds Q2, Realme Buds Air Neo 2, Realme Motion Activated Nightlight, Realme Alkaline Battery, and finally Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker— Guaranteed to launch. This event will be centered around IoT products, so there is no possibility of a phone launch here.

Although most of this list is a successor to previously launched products or only new to the Malaysian market. For example, Realme's Portable Speaker and Alkaline Battery products are new additions from the two companies. The mentioned portable speaker has a blue camo style with matching color on the bottom. There is also a lanyard for holding or hanging the speaker, making it clear that it is very easy to carry. Although Realme has yet to say anything about the specification of this speaker, it is expected to be ready to directly challenge Xiaomi's portable Bluetooth speaker already in the market, which is priced at Rs 2,499 in India. Its batteries will be AA and AAA in size and will be named Z15 and Z17.

The Chinese smartphone company is going to introduce us to the second generation of Realme Watch and Buds Q in this upcoming event. Although little is known about their specifications, it is expected that the second-generation models will have better connectivity and longer battery life than the first generation. Realme Buds Q2 comes with a total of 20 hours of playback time, and 8mm super low latency mode support for gaming. It will be available in black.

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