Realme Global 5G Summit: Realme will host the 5G Summit with Qualcomm

Realme Global 5G Summit: Realme will host the 5G Summit with Qualcomm: On June 3, a virtual global 5G Summit titled 'Making 5G Global: Accessibility for All' is going to be held on the development and potential of the youth-centric brand Realme 5G. They are accompanied by GSMA, Counterpoint, and Qualcomm.

Realme Global 5G Summit: Realme will host the 5G Summit with Qualcomm

The mentioned institutions are currently considered as the leading institutions in the ICT sector. At the summit, representatives of these organizations will present their views on 5G and discuss what kind of possibilities will be created in the future world through the development of 5G.

Calvin Bahia, principal economist at GSMA Intelligence; Peter Richardson, VP and co-founder of Counterpoint Research; Johnny Chen, Realm's brand director; Rajen Bhagadia, VP and President of Qualcomm India and SAARC; And Madhav Seth, Vice President of Realme and CEO of Realme India and Europe will attend the summit.

Participants were asked about the expected development of 5G in today's emerging markets, the barriers to Internet access on mobile phones, possible ways to develop it in the aftermath of a global epidemic, lowering 5G to lower price ranges, making feature-rich smartphones for 5G and making better use of 5G technology. Discuss how to apply.

Realme will discuss its role and future products in the FiveG era at this virtual summit. The organization will highlight, why do they think the FiveG Internet facility for young people will make a significant contribution? Realme will shed light on how Realmy's products will bring an impeccable experience with 5G technology.

Commenting on the summit, Team Shaw of Realm Bangladesh said, "This summit is a very important event for Realme because we will take the views of this summit seriously." It is noteworthy that the 5G supported mobile phones that Realme, the brand of choice of the youth, will bring to Bangladesh in the future will be easily available to all and the phones will come with the maximum 5G facility. We will ensure that the mobile phones with the highest benefits are within the purchasing power of all middle and lower-class people.

The summit will be broadcast on GSMA's Livestream channel and Realme's official social media channels.

Interested parties can view the committee by clicking on the following link: or

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