Facebook Messenger Get new Chat Theme, Quick Reply and Facebook Pay feature

Payment will be from Facebook Messenger, added new chat theme and quick reply feature: I hope there is no need to say anything new about how much space Facebook has in the daily life of ordinary people. Eight to eighty - everyone has fun through this social media. Along with Facebook, the Messenger application is also gaining popularity. However, to further increase the level of popularity, the social media giant regularly adds new features.

Facebook Messenger Get new Chat Theme, Quick Reply and Facebook Pay feature

In keeping with that rule, Facebook has now added a new chat theme and a quick reply bar to its Messenger app. In addition, even if you are not a Facebook friend, the company will also provide the facility to send and receive money from anyone. That is, you can take money from someone or send money to someone who is not on your Facebook friend list.

Messenger chat theme

New chat themes are now available on Messenger and Instagram. Satish Kumar Srinivasan, director of Messenger's messaging products, claims that this will make chat and communication with friends more enjoyable and fun.

Quick reply

With the new Quick Reply bar in Messenger Media Viewer, you can easily have a conversation with flashing photos or videos without having to go back to the main chat thread. All you have to do is tap on the picture or video and send a response via the quick reply bar at the bottom of the screen. Also swipe up to exit the full-screen media viewer and go back to your main chat thread.

Facebook Pay

In addition, Facebook has rolled out the facility to share payment links and QR codes for US Messenger users. This allows them to send money to someone else or ask for money from someone else, even if they are not connected to Facebook. In this context, the company said, "There is no need to download a separate payment app. Now all you have to do is scan the payment link or QR code to transfer money. ”

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