Youtube Brings Translate Button for Comments Read your Native Language

YouTube has the advantage of reading any comment in its own language: YouTube has taken a very important initiative to further reduce the language gap between users in different countries. They have recently added the feature of translating comments in the language of choice to both their mobile and web applications. 

Youtube Brings Translate Button for Comments Read your Native Language

In this case, the user can choose the right and suitable language for himself from more than 100 options including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French. Translating comments into familiar languages ​​will make it possible for people of different languages ​​to know each other's thoughts and opinions. This feature has already reached YouTube users through a new update roll-out.

The YouTube Translate Button will change the comment to the language of your choice

A new update to YouTube will feature a standalone button for translating comments into individual languages. At the end of each comment, the Translate button will appear a little above the Like, Dislike, and Reply options. As soon as we tap the button, we will see the translated comment in the language of our choice. In this case, the user has to choose his desired option as the native or local language. That is if the user's preferred language is Bengali, then due to the feature in question, he will see the 'Translate to Bengali' option in the comments and Like, Dislike, Reply buttons.

After viewing the comment in the language of your choice, it will change again according to the user's language, location, and signals from recently watched videos. This means that YouTube will use its own technology to find the right language for the user. The language chosen by YouTube may differ from the user's preferred language, according to YouTube.

It's good to know that YouTube's new Translate button will never automatically change the language of the comment. If you want to read the comment in the language of your choice, the user must tap the button.

The comment translation feature is currently open to Indian YouTube users. Android and iOS device users need to download and install the new update to try out the feature.

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