This time, when a feature is added, you will receive a notification, WhatsApp is bringing a new chatbot option

Bringing new features for the convenience of users is not a new thing for WhatsApp. But as more and more features are added to the platform every day, it becomes a bit difficult to track them down. In fact, when WhatsApp brings a long-awaited or big feature, there is a lot of fuss about it, but if there is a small change in the daily update, it is not easily visible. 

Because of this many users refrain from enjoying them. But now the proprietary messaging platform Meta is working to solve this problem. According to reports, WhatsApp will soon launch a new chatbot that will notify users every time a new feature is added to the app.

As reported by WhatsApp watchdog or feature tracker WABetaInfo, the official WhatsApp chatbot is in the early stages of development. The portal also shared a screenshot regarding this. That being said, with the help of this chatbot, users can learn about new features and how to use them. It will also provide information on privacy and security of the platform.

Basically this chatbot account will work like a WhatsApp business account. And it can only read incoming texts, meaning the chatbot cannot reply back However, if someone wants to contact WhatsApp, they can choose the 'Help' option from the platform's 'Settings'.

However, this chatbot feature of WhatsApp is currently included in the beta program, so it may be visible to selected users. However, there is no word on when WhatsApp will roll it out to stable channels. It should be noted that WhatsApp's rival Telegram or Signal has already officially launched the chatbot facility for users.

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