Not getting cashback when paying with Google Pay? Doing these things would be great

Everyone's life has become so modern or easy now with smartphones and internet that practically everything is done digitally or online. For example, the use of digital payment apps for recharges, bill payments, money transfers, etc. has increased significantly in recent years. The situation has reached such a point that smartphone users are now using UPI to pay for auto rickshaw hire or buy vegetables in the market in big and small cities as well as in villages. 

Meaning, most of the handsets currently have applications like PhonePe, Paytm installed. In that case if you are using Google Pay app for online payment, then follow some important tips or tricks but you can get cashback on every payment. Yes, I'm right.

In fact, Google Pay almost always rewards its users for making online payments. In this case, some cashback is also available as a reward. But with the three tips we'll give you today, you can probably get cashback on every payment.

This is how cashback can be earned on Google Pay

1. Make fewer transactions: If you are transferring money repeatedly to the same account through Google Pay, you may not get the desired cashback. So if you want to get money by making payments, you should reduce the tendency to pay in the same account, instead you should connect with different accounts.

2. Use Multiple Accounts: If you want to take advantage of the bumper cashback on Google Pay, stop making repeated payments using the same account. This reduces the chances of getting cashback.

3. Choose the right option at the time of payment: Offers section of Google Pay has convenient offers available for different categories. In that case, if you avail these offers while working like gas purchase, electricity bill payment etc., then you can get good cashback.

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