After the desktop, WhatsApp is bringing the status report feature to the Android app, if you are not careful, there is a danger

A few days ago we came to know that the popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is now introducing a feature through which users can report or complain to the authorities about someone's abusive status updates. It was also confirmed then that the company is creating a new menu in the status section of WhatsApp Desktop Beta to enable this feature. 

In that case, after keeping the desktop beta of the platform in the experimental stage for the past few days, now it is heard that the company is working to bring this feature to the Android Beta.

Think twice before updating whatever status you want on WhatsApp

The main function of the WhatsApp status report feature is that with this feature, Android users can report to the organization about any obscene videos and statuses that hurt religious sentiments. In this case, a 'Report' (Report) button will be added in the status section of the WhatsApp app, like on the desktop, through which complaints can be made.

Please note that if a WhatsApp user reports a status update, the status or content will be sent to the moderation team for review. The WhatsApp company will then verify the reported status or content, and if it is found that the content violates WhatsApp's guidelines, strict action will be taken against the account sharing it. Incidentally, this feature is currently under development in WhatsApp's Android beta and will be rolled out soon.

WhatsApp Accidental Delete feature

WhatsApp recently launched the Accidental Delete feature which will allow users to restore accidentally deleted messages back to the chatbox. However, this feature will work only when using the 'Delete for me' option, for which the 'Undo' button provided on the screen must be clicked within 2 seconds of deleting the message.

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