iPhone features now in Nothing's Android phone, see what benefits will be available

Soon Nothing Phone 2 users will be able to enjoy chatting with iPhone users with i-Message's attractive blue bubble feature.

Apple's iPhone is very popular all over the world. Because these devices have some features which are not available in Android. But this time there is good news for Android users. Because, this time Apple's iMessage benefits will also be available in Android models. Users of Nothing Phone 2 will be the first to get this feature, called Nothing Chat.

As confirmed by the company, Nothing Phone 2 users will soon be able to enjoy chatting with iPhone users with the attractive blue bubble feature of i-Message.

However, nothing has been revealed by Nothing yet about its plans to bring this Sunbird-powered messaging feature to Android. However, while providing messaging services, Sunbird has confirmed that it will not store user information on any third party server.
It is reported that Sunbird messages will be temporarily stored in iCloud for seamless message exchange. And after two weeks all data will be deleted.

How will Nothing Chat work?

Nothing Chat app will enable users to exchange messages with blue bubble feature. However, this app is currently in beta and is currently being improved.

To use Nothing Chat, users need to login with their Apple ID to set up the app with i-Message.

Availability of Nothing Chat

Nothing Chat will be launched initially in North America and European countries. However, there is no word yet on when the service will be available in the rest of the region. Also, this app cannot be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store, it will be offered directly to buyers by Nothing.
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