Know some great features of Xiaomi HyperOS

This new operating system will bring features like low-level refactoring, intelligent connectivity, proactive intelligence, and end-to-end security. The recently released Xiaomi 14 series will come with HyperOS pre-installed. HyperOS will gradually come to other Xiaomi devices as well as Redmi devices.

Xiaomi has introduced a new operating system called HyperOS, which will replace its current MiUI. HyperOS is designed to bring all Xiaomi devices into one integrated system.

The main goal of HyperOS is to provide better performance while being lightweight for the MIUI waiting system. Meanwhile, HyperOS is very successful in this regard, where the firmware size of MIUI 14 was 13.09 GB, the firmware size of HyperOS is much less, only 8.75 GB. Besides, HyperOS also comes with a brand new user interface.

Read more about Xiaomi's new HyperOS in our post. Know what HyperOS is, how it works, features and supported devices.

Why did Xiaomi create a new operating system?

Over the last 13 years, Xiaomi has acquired more than 1.1 billion users worldwide through more than 200 product categories. Even in the era of Internet of Things (IoT), Xiaomi has to struggle to manage multiple operating systems for multiple categories of products. Xiaomi started working on HyperOS from 2017 to solve this problem.

According to Xiaomi, HyperOS is going to be a “human-centric” OS that will be more user-friendly and functional than MIUI. This operating system of modern streamlined dejaune language will increase the usability of Xiaomi devices.

This new HyperOS is going to provide many benefits in terms of AI-based features like device switching, remote access for data and apps, speech recognition, image search or art creation.

What is HyperOS?

Xiaomi's HyperOS is a lightweight and efficient operating system based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This means it is not dependent on Google's Android services and Xiaomi can use it as needed. It's built keeping in mind that HyperOS can run on less powerful hardware, which means it'll run pretty well even on budget-friendly Xiaomi Redmi devices.

Features of Xiaomi HyperOS

HyperOS is basically a refined version of MIUI. Xiaomi has completely revamped their operating system. The previous features, AI features, connectivity and security, etc. will be greatly improved in HyperOS.

Faster app loading time, better background memory retention, reduced disk latency, smooth animation, etc. features in this new OS. Apart from this, AI-powered features like AI generated text, text capture from photo, doodle to painting, natural language image search, etc. will also be seen in HyperOS.

HyperOS will provide smart connectivity with Xiaomi HyperConnect and HyperMind, through which the phone's rear camera can be used as a webcam, seamless data sharing and phone notifications on larger-screen devices.

The new OS focuses on security by opening up HyperConnect to third-party developers, which focuses on encryption, permission management and security protocols. Apart from customizing the lock screen, users will also get interesting features like Control Center and stock apps adjustment.

Supported devices

HyperOS is going to be a unified operating system that will run on smartphones, tablets, smart home products, and even cars. HyperOS will bring a new dimension to the management of devices in the Xiaomi ecosystem. HyperOS is expected to be officially rolled out from December 2023.

Xiaomi HyperOS supported devices are:

  • Xiaomi 14 series 
  • Redmi K60 Ultra 
  • Xiaomi Watch S3 
  • Xiaomi Pad 6 Max 14 
  • Xiaomi TV S Pro 65 
  • Xiaomi TV S Pro 75 
  • Xiaomi TV S Pro 85 
  • Xiaomi sound speaker 
  • Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro

When will the update come?

Xiaomi's HyperOS is still a work in progress, but the Xiaomi 14 series of phones already released in China come with HyperOS pre-installed. Xiaomi said that it will roll out HyperOS for the mentioned devices very soon.

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