Google Photomath: this app will solve all problems in a pinch

Google is looking to expand its education portfolio by integrating the Photomath math assistant app into its ecosystem.

At the student age, the subject of mathematics is a nightmare for almost everyone. Complex trigonometry or difficult algebraic equations do not seem to enter the mind at all. If this happens to you or your child, Google will fix this problem. 

In fact, the tech giant recently announced a new learning app called Photomath. which provides step-by-step solutions to any type of mathematical problem captured by the camera. So that users can easily understand complex to complex numbers.

Basically, Google is trying to expand their education portfolio by integrating this smart camera calculator and math assistant app into their eco-system.

Please note that the Photomath app was actually launched in 2014 i.e. 10 years ago today. In May 2022, Google expressed interest in acquiring the app and completed the necessary regulatory approvals, after which the app was officially acquired in March 2023. Due to which the Photomath app has become more accessible to users worldwide today.

Photomath app is available on Google Play store. It is capable of helping users solve various types of mathematical equations, such as – Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Calculus. How to use the app is given below in detail –

How to use Photomath app?

1. First of all open Google Play Store from your Android device or App Store on iOS device.

2. Then search by typing 'photomath' and download the app.

3. Now open the app and take a picture of the math problem you want to solve using the device's camera. In this case, make sure that the entire equation is clearly captured within the frame.

4. If the device being used does not have a scan feature, you can manually type in the equation. The app has an in-build math keyboard for this.

5. After scanning or typing the math problem, the PhotoMath app will process it.
6. Finally, its periodic explanation will be provided.

Best of all, PhotoMath also offers access to multiple regional languages ​​to provide a great user experience. As a result, you will get any kind of numerical solution in your own language in the blink of an eye in this app.

Please note that PhotoMath app has already been downloaded more than 100 million times and has a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store. The app is free to use. However – one can subscribe to the PhotoMath Plus plan on an annual / monthly basis to avail additional features like textbook solutions, animated tutorials, in-depth explanations, advanced problem-solving techniques, and ad-free access.
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