What is BDIX Hosting, BDIX Hosting Advantage, and Disadvantage?

Some ideas about BDIX hosting and network, and the solution to the misconception. BDIX Web Hosting in Bangladesh Hostever provides Best BDIX cPanel Hosting.

Are You Looking for BDIX VPS, the top hosting company in Bangladesh, BDIX hosting price, BDIX game server? What is BDIX Hosting? The benefit of BDIX Hosting.

What is BDIX?

The full form of BDIX is Bangladesh Internet Exchange. About 3500 Bangladeshi internet service providers are connected to prevent local data international routing. As well as new internet service providers are constantly being added to this exchange point.

What is BDIX Hosting?

The servers or networks that are connected to this Internet exchange point, the hosts that are part of that server or network are known as BDIX hosting. The main advantage of BDIX hosting is that the site hosted on this server will be visited by Bangladeshi users up to 200 times faster. One of the reasons is that when Bangladeshi users visit a site on the BDIX network, they will visit directly without crossing the international routing.
In other words, BDIX Hosting's website can be visited faster even on slow internet.

What is the difference between the BDIX FTP server and the hosting company's hosting?

BDIX FTP servers are usually set up by various Internet service providers for their customers in their office so that they can quickly download widely used software, new movies, games, etc. from that server. Similarly, it is possible to download files from this FTP server at high speed without the hassle of international routing.
On the other hand, when the internet connection of a data center is connected to or connected to this exchange point, the server or hosting of that data center is called BDIX hosting.
That is, to exchange BDIX FTP server files. And BDIX hosting is used to host websites.

In what cases will I use BDIX hosting?

BDIX hosting can be used for any type of website targeted at local i.e. Bangladeshi traffic and it is better to do so. BDIX hosting is already being used for most Bangladeshi eCommerce, magazine, magazine, blog, etc. websites.

Does BDIX need to use CDN? Such as CloudFlare?

BDIX hosting does not currently require any CDNs such as Cloudflare. CDN is usually used in performance issues to prevent additional routing. Since BDIX does not have extra routing, it offers high performance without CDN. In other words, BDIX itself is a type of CDN, so it does not require any type of CDN to reduce latency.

Is BDIX hosting datacenters as good as developed countries?

Yes, Tier-III and Tier-IV category datacenters have already been set up in Dhaka, Gazipur, Jessore and Chittagong areas of Bangladesh, which maintain international standards. Cache servers of giant companies like Google, Facebook, Cloudflare, etc. are also kept in these Bangladeshi datacenters.

What are the disadvantages of BDIX Hosting?

  • BDIX Hosting should not be used on globally targeted sites. Because just like the USA's server latency is higher in Bangladesh, the BDIX server and the USA will have better latency.
  • Using Cloudflare free version in BDIX slows down because CloudFlyer free version is not giving you full CDN service, it is providing proxy service, whether it is first for their proxy server and latency of BDIX server then some problem is slow then again You don't get BDIX speed.
  • Some ISPs occasionally block external BDIX networks in order to increase AdSense revenue in their FTP, or BDIX config errors cause temporary visits from many ISPs, although this has to be resolved. Can't keep this problem for long.

What is the Advantage of BDIX Hosting?

    1. Best for native targeted sites.
    2. Routing is very fast as latency is low The closer the server is to your user, the better the visit speed.
    3. Every internet provider even mobile operators and BDIX has extra bandwidth speed, such as Global 30 Mbps and BDIX up to 1 Gbps. That's why site content loads very fast. The site is in front of you right now.
    4. Suppose today the global internet is a problem for any reason, but the site on your BDIX hosting will be normal. Normal speed will visit this.
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