WhatsApp brings useful features, good news for users

The world's most popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has recently launched a new feature for business profile users. Users can use this feature to search for other businesses, talk to them, and even buy their products from sellers. 

The Meta-owned company said in a blog post published on its website that with the help of the new feature, WhatsApp Business users can easily contact any business group through the messaging app without adding phone numbers to their contact list or searching for contact information on the company's website. And it goes without saying that the users will undoubtedly benefit greatly due to this.

What are the benefits of the new feature?

From now on, WhatsApp Business users will be able to search for a business using a name or find any business group based on categories like banking or travel, the company said. This feature is being rolled out to users living in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, United Kingdom and several other countries. As a result, users in those countries can now use the WhatsApp Business Platform to search for contact information of other businesses.

From now on, users can shop online at home through WhatsApp

Additionally, now users can shop online directly through WhatsApp without visiting any shopping website. The Meta-owned platform has partnered with a number of payment providers so that users can make purchases directly from the instant messaging app. Note that a service similar to this feature has recently been launched in the country. Recently Reliance (Reliance) or Jio (Jio) in India has announced that now users can buy and pay for any equipment from JioMart through WhatsApp. That is, henceforth no need to use any separate application or website to buy rice-dal-oil-spices as well as other grocery items; If you have WhatsApp on your phone, you can make the necessary purchases with just a few clicks. Furthermore,

Now users can vote on WhatsApp

Besides, the Meta-owned company has come up with a new feature in Halfil for both Android and iOS users in the field of chatting, which is called WhatsApp Polls. With the help of this feature, polling can be done within the WhatsApp chat to get feedback on a particular topic. In other words, if someone asks something about something in this instant messaging app, users can vote and answer it. Note that users can use the WhatsApp Polls feature in both private and group chats. According to the Meta-owned company, polls will be end-to-end encrypted in both chat types.

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