Google Meet: The company has brought a new update, these users will get the benefit of video calls in Full HD

From now on Google Meet calls will have sparkling images, the company has recently introduced the feature of video calling in full-HD resolution.

While the use of video calls/conferences has grown exponentially over the past decade, platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, etc. have become popular since the Corona pandemic. And seeing the dependence of common people on these video calling platforms, their manufacturers are also bringing interesting features one after another. In that case, the tech giant Google has launched the feature of full-HD (Full HD) video calling for its popular video calling service Google Meet. Recently the company rolled out a new update for Google Meet, with which users will now get the facility of video calling in 1080p resolution. Incidentally, Halfili has also introduced the option to turn off the video feed of other users participating in the Google Meet call.

Only web users of Google Meet can make high quality calls

Google confirmed full-HD calls on the Meet via a blog post. According to the announcement of the company, while earlier the maximum resolution of video calling was limited to 720 pixels, now users of the web version of Google Meet can now make video calls at 1080 pixels. But for this you must have full HD resolution camera on your PC (computer or laptop). In this case, interested users will be able to set their video quality to 1080p from the Settings menu or turn it on before joining a meeting.

Also note that the 1080p video resolution option is not available to all web users. It is currently only available to Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus and other paid users. However, Google One (One) customers who have 2TB or more storage space can also use this feature. Simply put, this full-HD calling feature is available for Google Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Education Fundamentals, Frontline, Non-Profit, G Suit Basic users and Users cannot use personalized Google Accounts.

This feature is also available in Google Meet

Not only improving the call quality, but a few days ago Google Meet introduced the option to turn off the video feed for other participating users. This allows users to focus only on their meeting view and the host or presenter, with a new audio-only option provided in the menu. Although this feature is also available for certain users.
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