TATA will make batteries and chipsets in the country, India is going to give another blow to China in 2024!

India in the New Year, with its 'Make in India'; It has also decided to make semiconductor batteries and chipsets as part of the program.

There was a time when our neighboring country China was highly regarded in the global market for manufacturing smartphones, electronics parts and cars. Cars and smartphones made in China, including India, were behind South Asia in terms of popularity. And because of this, the economy there was very prosperous, even other countries were trapped in debt to China. 

But the Corona epidemic has changed the whole situation – due to the widespread virus infection in China, business and work are disrupted. On the other hand, since then India, many major markets, including the US, have cornered China commercially on allegations of data trafficking. In this situation, India has moved a lot towards the 'Make in India' program under the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Currently, our country has increased its strength in smartphone manufacturing. India is even manufacturing auto parts domestically. In this new year, India has also decided to make semiconductor batteries and chipsets to strengthen its efforts to become 'self-reliant'.

This time battery and chipset will be made in India

It was recently reported that Tata Group will set up a factory for manufacturing chipsets and manufacturing lithium ion batteries at the domestic level. This is expected to reduce the prices of cars and smartphones in India in the coming days.

But China's concerns may also increase, as until now the batteries used to make cars and smartphones are imported from countries like China or Taiwan.

Where will Tata factory in India?

Tata Group chairman N Chandrasekaran has announced that his company will set up a large semiconductor fabrication plant in Dhalera, Gujarat. And this year means 2024 – according to Chandrasekaran, plans are underway to start construction of a 20 gigawatt lithium-ion storage battery factory in Sanand, Gujarat within the next two months.

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