Google is adding a new adaptive touch sensitive feature to Android phones

Google has rolled out the Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 update for its Pixel phones. This update brings many new changes. But notable among them is the automatic touch sensitivity feature, which will eliminate the need for manual adjustments. Google has probably been keen to make their Pixel phones address the challenge of touch sensitivity in various situations. It is worth noting that several Android devices provide specific settings like “glove mode” or “screen protector mode” to increase touch sensitivity. 

But generally, users have to manually activate these settings, which can be annoying at times. Google realizes this and is trying to create an adaptive feature.

Adaptive touch sensitivity is coming to Google Pixel phones

A report by Android Police has revealed that the newly released Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 will likely bring a feature called “Adaptive Touch”. The new feature is designed to automatically adjust touch sensitivity according to the environment. Factors affecting sensitivity adjustment include the user's environment, activity, and the presence of a screen protector.

The specifics of which environmental factors or activities will trigger changes in sensitivity have not been revealed. However, it is hypothesized that activities such as rain, cold weather and swimming can be triggers. The “Adaptive Touch” setting is supposed to incorporate various internal services by monitoring physical changes to adjust touch sensitivity.

When the feature becomes available, it's expected that a toggle for “Adaptive Touch” will be turned on in the Settings app, likely under Display and then Touch Sensitivity. In the recent Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 update, a submenu for “Touch Sensitivity” has been added, possibly in preparation for this upcoming feature. The specific Pixel models that will support Adaptive Touch are uncertain at this time But it is expected to be compatible with at least the latest Google Pixel 8 series.

Key changes and features highlighted in Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1

  • The Circle to Search feature is now active in the beta release.
  • Introducing Adaptive Touch Mode to adjust touch sensitivity according to the environment.
  • The biometric prompt dialog now displays the icon of the invoking app.
  • Easy Pre-Set Mode aims to simplify the Android user interface.
  • Chat Bubble UI Revamp is planned for tablets.
  • Screen protector mode has been moved to a submenu called “Touch Sensitivity”.
  • The Swipe Up to Continue feature is designed for Pixel Fold users to seamlessly use any app on the cover screen.

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